Over on the Naughty Dog Forums at the Playstation Community, Naughty Dog agreed to do a Q&A with the fans. Among their answers, Naughty Dog confirmed some upcoming features:


First up was a question on the presence of a female custom villain/hero. While ND did confirm that one won't be appearing, they also revealed some plans for the customisation in the future:

"The custom character model rig that’s in-game for Uncharted 3 multiplayer is a rig that’s built around a male. Adding another custom model into the game would be a huge technical challenge for various resource related reasons. However, we will be adding some more custom parts for the principle female characters in an upcoming patch."

Level Cap Increase

Later down on the list a fan asked about the image of a fourth legacy and levels 76-100:

"Those pictures look very familiar. Hmmm. Where did you get those? We are definitely working on a patch that will include a level cap increase. Once we have more information we’ll let you know and tell you if/when/how/where it’s coming out."

Treasure Drop weekends

When asked about a possibility of changing the rarity of some treasures ND teased the possibilty of special weekends where rare treasures would drop more frequently:

"We’ve tweaked treasure drop rate for certain treasures during various patches and live updates (if we could do the tweak via a live update). Some of the rare treasures we want to remain just that- rare! We are considering event weekends that might include increased treasure drops in the future. We’ll see if we can make it happen."

To see the full Q&A, head over here.

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