Ahh, the image policy - it's been around for months. It's there to make searching for images a lot easier, and to get rid of unneccesary and useless images off the wiki. I understand that some people may still not be sure on what to do - afterall it is a lot to do for one image. Well, I've decided to make this blog post detailing every last thing about the image policy, in what I hope to be an easy-to-read and user friendly format. With no further adue I'll begin:

What images should be uploading?

So, you want to upload an image. Perhaps for your userpage? To improve an argument? For enjoyment? (??) Well, first off you must consider whether the wiki really needs it. Please do an extensive search to make sure the image, or at least a very similar one does not already exist on the wiki. If it is a well known one, such as the image of Drake in front of the burning plane, then it is likely it is already there. If so, grab the old one and use that instead.

If it doesn't exist, then think about whether it is necessary. Is it really contributing anything? Note: random multiplayer screenshots do not belong on the wiki. The only multiplayer screenshots on the wiki should be the ones that are absolutely necessary - like renders and 'cards' (like the Uncharted 2 multiplayer skin and map ones).

You must be planning to use your image on a page on the wiki. If not, do not upload it.

If your image follows the above critera then you can get ready to upload... but we are not done yet.

What to do when uploading an image

The best way to upload a file is by going to 'Latest Photos' and then 'Add new photo'. This way you can easily change the title, description and licensing from there. If you upload one from the article itself, it will be more difficult. The rest of this blog is written considering you are uploading from the 'Latest Photos' page.


Nathan Drake fights Eddy Raja's pirates
The title needs to be revelent to the image - something that would come up in a search. It should include everything in the image. For example, the picture to the right is titled "Nathan Drake fights Eddy Raja's pirates." as these are the main things in the picture.


Similar to the title, except the description should also include the game and maybe chapter title. The picture to the right's description would be "Nathan Drake fights Eddy Raja's pirates in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune." It's pretty much up to you how much information you want to put.


Simply choice the suitable licensing from the dropdown box - it is that simple. The pirates image would be a game screenshot, obviously.

After you have uploaded your image


These are important, as they help users find similar images - for example if someone wanted to see all the images of Elena Fisher on the wiki they need only go to the Elena Fisher images category. To add a category, click on your image and then click on the filename. You should be brought to the image's page. Just go to the bottom and go to 'add category' just like you would on any other article.

Elena Fisher and Nathan Drake in Nepal

There should be a category for every character, location, object, vehicle etc that can be cleary seen in the image, plus the game it is from. The picture to the left would have the categories, "Images", "Images of Nathan Drake", "Images of Nepal", "Images of Elena Fisher", "Images of the 92FS-9MM", "Uncharted 2 images" etc - you get the idea. The category you want to add doesn't exist yet, which it probably doesn't, then click it and click 'create' to finish off adding the category. Add subcategories depending on the category - if it is Images of the Fortress, add "Images" and "Location images" etc.

You're done! Add the image to the page. Oh, if you're planning to use it on your user-page, the only categories needed are "Images" and "Userpage images". If you make sure every image you upload complies with the Image Policy, then this will make everything easier - both for me, other admins and everyone here. Thanks for reading! Please comment here or ask me on my message wall if you have any questions regarding the image policy.

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