New Cutscene

24 July 2011

As you may or may not know, Comic-Con 2011 was held last week, and some members of the Naughty Dog team (including Amy Hennig, Nolan North and Emily Rose) took to the panel just like they did two years ago.

348px|left|The cutscene shown at Comic-ConThe whole thing is forty-five minutes, and can be viewed by this convenient link, but if you're just here for the highlights, then look no further!

First off was an extension of the cutscene that appeared at the end of the E3 Trailer. It reveals some interesting plot details and also adds some mystery to Nate and Elena's relationship.

Second up was a behind the scenes video of the actors motion capturing and doing their grunting noises! Confused? Then skip to 2:17 in the video below and take a look!


In less exciting news, rumours have surfaced around the web regarding a new character, Ramses, who leads the Yemen soldiers. These rumours are yet to be confirmed by Naughty Dog.

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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