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  • I live in Antarctica
  • My occupation is Gamer/Author/Admin of Journey Wiki
  • I am On a Wiki hiatus-too much going on right now that I need to focus on
  • TheWordMaster

    So honestly? I'm bored.

    And when I'm bored, I enjoy a good rant (along with a nice cup of tea and some chocolate-but that's beside the point). So, be prepared for some of the most peculiar things to ever hit your eyes-wait, that came out weird. Whatever-the post must go on!


    Talbot got shot-yet he's still alive:Cutter took shooting lessons from StormTroopers.

    Drake's real name isn't Drake. Or Nathan:Obviously Nathan Drake sounds better than Alphonso Dinglemeyer, or whatever name our poor treasure hunter was blessed with.

    'F'lynn took a grednade to the face-yet he's still alive and updates the Wiki:Flynn was too awesome to die, so he just got sent back.

    Sully complains while exploring, yet he …

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