So honestly? I'm bored.

And when I'm bored, I enjoy a good rant (along with a nice cup of tea and some chocolate-but that's beside the point). So, be prepared for some of the most peculiar things to ever hit your eyes-wait, that came out weird. Whatever-the post must go on!


Talbot got shot-yet he's still alive:Cutter took shooting lessons from StormTroopers.

Drake's real name isn't Drake. Or Nathan:Obviously Nathan Drake sounds better than Alphonso Dinglemeyer, or whatever name our poor treasure hunter was blessed with.

'F'lynn took a grednade to the face-yet he's still alive and updates the Wiki:Flynn was too awesome to die, so he just got sent back.

Sully complains while exploring, yet he has no problem fighting people:Which one would you pick: taking down bad guys, or taking a look around a jungle?

There is no Young Drake skin in UC3's Multiplayer:They're going to releace Doughnut Young Drake- that way, we can take down the obesity epidemic one fat child at a time! (Yeah, that was kind of mean. Still...)

Marlow got killed off incredibly fast: ...Well, I suppose that's what you get for being evil.

Although the gun was filled with blanks, blood still appeared on Nate & Sully shirts: Who said the gun had blanks?! Oh wait, Cutter can't shoot anyway...anyone else have an explanation?

People think Cutter is awesomer than -insert character here-: Cutter's bald, afraid of tight places, and gets drugged easily. How is he better than anyone?!

Ramses is in love with Drake because he said 'my love' before he shot the boat: What if he was talking to the boat, and not to Drake?

What do you guys think? Agree/Disagree? Have your own question? Place it below in the comments!

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