Since the Uncharted movie seems to be stuck in Limbo, I decided to write up a list of actors I think would be perfect for the role of Nathan Drake. These are in no particular order, as they are all good fits; at least they aren't Marky Mark.

Drake Desert

Bradley Cooper

Cooper Comparison

Based on his work in the Hangover, Limitless, and The A-Team, I think Cooper would make a good Drake, sharing some of that roguish charm and dashing good looks that Drake has. The characters he portrays resemble Drake's own personality in many ways, and has a very diverse filmography; his roles range from comedic to dramatic, and he even has experience in action roles. Doesn't hurt that he looks a little like Nate, too.

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David Boreanaz

Here's an actor from one of my all-time favourite television shows: Bones. Fans of Bones and Angel will instantly recognise him as one of the greatest actors ever. Of all time.

David Boreanaz

Joking aside, he does bear a strong resemblance to Nathan Drake, and is just as charming. Booth's personality doesn't seem to be all that far off from Nate's. All in all, David does well in his action role, and has plenty of comedic quips for comedy relief.

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Nathan Fillion

Best known for his work on Castle and Firefly, Nathan Fillion is the fan favourite. Just about everyone wants him to be chosen for the role, so they certainly can't go wrong in casting him. It also doesn't hurt that he actually wants the role as well; having an actor committed to their character can only be a plus. He certainly has the support of the fans, and plenty of experience to back it up. Here's hoping.

Seriously Sony
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Nolan North

Nolan North

Seriously, why not Nolan North? This would certainly translate well for fans of the series, and has the more relevant experience to the role of Nathan Drake, because he is Nathan Drake. Having played the part of him in several games (and an awesome comic), mocapping his movements and doing his voice over, North wouldn't do Drake wrong. Keep in mind that Nolan has even had a hand in Nathan's development over the years; Nathan is just as much Nolan North's character as he is Naughty Dog's. Casting him would practically guarantee the movie would be faithful to its source material, and that pretty much everyone wins. Well, everyone except Marky Mark. But I can live with that.

Oh yeah, and his voice is AWESOME.

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