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  • Traditionalfire

    The title says it all. I personally think it can be unbalanced at moments, and some times, downright frustating. Quickboom, G-MAL and Revenge, do i need to say more? While i'll thought that some boosters in UC2 was unbalanced (like ironfist or whatever it was called) i they have added more unbalanced boosters in UC3. Using the booster (i can't remember the name of it) that reduces the "pain wobble" AKA recoil when aimed in with, for exempel, the G-MAL, can make it a long range, no recoil, burst firing sniper. Revenge, wich dosen't relly unbalance the game, have way to many time caused me to die when it's droped from a teammate that died nearby, wich can both be blamed on it being a stupid booster and other player being to slow to move away…

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  • Traditionalfire

    Map packs

    May 19, 2012 by Traditionalfire

    Wich maps in the map packs can you play co-op arena on? I don't want to spend money on a map pack wich only include maps that you can play competive (is it spelled like that?) on.

    And by the way. Does the FAL-SS even appear in co-op?

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