Hosted by TreatTheSickness of [A7X], NIGHT OF THE LIVING SKULLS is a four-day multiplayer event over the course of Double Cash Halloweekend, beginning Friday, Oct. 29th to Monday, Nov. 1st, in which clans will compete against each other to see who deserves to be titled "Ultimate Clan".

Dates & Event Information:

Four playlists will be played, one per day. Two clans per playlist, where they will compete for the title, and the winning clan that emerges victorious will be the Ultimate Clan.

Friday: Plunder | Clans: {Pending} (@ 4:30 PM EST)

Saturday: King of the Hill | Clans: {Pending} (@ 4:30 PM EST)

Sunday: Elimination | Clans: {Pending} (@ 4:30 PM EST)

Monday: Deathmatch | Clans: [uLAG] vs. {Pending} (@ 4:30 PM EST)


1. A clan MUST have five members. If this rule is broken, the clan will be disqualified.

2. If a team ties, the match will go into Sudden Death. If this occurs once more, the match will be rescheduled to another time.

3. Levels below 50 cannot be match leader.

4. A file of the match must be sent to me (PSN: TreatTheSickness)

5. Have fun!

How to Enter:

Comment here to submit a reserved spot on the playlist of your choosing to enter.

Hope to see many clans line up for reserved spots, as the first to enter their clan will stay put.

Oh, yeah, and happy halloween!

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