The other day I had someone go out to the AMC theaters in LA, hosting the PLAY IT FIRST IN 3D Uncharted 3 event, with my winning premium pass. As he recovered an early access retail game spot, one for himself as well, he also clued me in on what he experienced there at the event, and he was very thankful he had the opportunity to go.

Questions and Answers

Q: What was different in the AMC version compared to the Beta?

A: I found that the AMC version, that was the final, disc version of the game ran much faster than the Beta. Load time was quicker, and less freezes. It was smooth, the graphics were as good as ever, and even though some of the takedown moves had players moving through some objects, it was still much cleaner and better. Naughty Dog did a great job with the finalized version, and I think the patches they release will fix these minor problems.

Q: The community wants to know, was anything different about the guns? I.e., any special additions, new mods, blindfiring, etc.

A: All the special mods were still locked, and the guns in the beta were the same. Nothing changed as far as I noticed

Q: Alot of the community is wondering as well, what were some new characters or maps you saw?

A: For characters, the Hero Team consisted of character options of: Drake Elena Chloe Sully unidentified treasure hunter Salim?

Villain Team: Katherine Marlowe (no one used her!) Talbot I couldn't recognize the other ones.

A new map was revealed called Museum, which was taken from Uncharted 2, but seemed a little larger.

We could change color of clothes and add accessories, similar to the beta.

Q: How did the gameplay feel all-around compared to the Beta?

A: Much smoother and cleaner!

Q: Anything you thought they happened to improve?

A: Nothing noticeable, more of the small things like characters going through walls when they die. They hit the wall then slide down like they should.

I also wanted to add about the Gift Bag we got after. It was a Uncharted 3 labeled sling bag with a blank Drake's Journal, a wristband, Subway gift card, vouchers for a month trial of Playstation Plus, a voucher for a AMC theaters exclusive multiplayer torso item, IGN Prime month free trial, and an advertisement for the Subway Taste of Adventure contest. All around it was a fun event! We asked the voice actors and developers questions, and got a free play after the tournament."

Overall Analysis

Seems as though not much has changed as it differs from the Beta, except for some changes with the texture and smoothness. Hopefully there's more to this when the retail game comes out. What are your thoughts on this? Comment below.

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