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    Hey guys, you know, if they make an Uncharted 4 (a follow up to Drake's Deception), maybe the plot could be like this: Nathan Drake and co. have finally tracked down Rika Raja, Eddy Raja's treacherous sister. She screwed over Nate and Eddy after the whole "Eye of Indra" fiasco, stealing the precious Eye of Indra diamond. They found her, but what they also found was...danger, yet again. They discovered that she's under the employment of a powerful, enigmatic, reclusive businessman who has found the truth about the Eye of Indra. They soon discover that there's more to the diamond than meets the "Eye."

    Nathan Drake

    Victor Sullivan

    Elena Fisher

    Charlie Cutter

    Chloe Frazier

    Marisa Chase

    Jada Hzujak

    Spyder (possibly)

    Rika Raja (as explained above)

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