"Whatever you hope to find up there... I want in."
— Vargas to Nathan Drake.

Vargas in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
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2001 - 15 years prior to A Thief's End
Panamanian prison
Panama (aged 40)


Panamanian Flag (Flat) Panamanian

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Nathan Drake (formerly)
Samuel Drake (formerly)
Rafe Adler (formerly)

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Voice actor:

Hemky Madera

Motion-capture actor:

Hemky Madera

Vargas was a character and minor antagonist in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and the main antagonist in the chapter 2:Infernal Place. He was a corrupt warden at a Panamanian prison Nathan and Samuel Drake purposely infiltrated with the help of fellow treasure hunter Rafe Adler, whom Vargas was bribed by. He was later killed by Rafe himself , when he tried to get a cut from their treasure.


Background & Early Life

Not much is known about Vargas' early life. During his tenure as warden, Nate and his brother Sam worked with Rafe in order to gain access to an old Spanish fort on the prison's grounds. Once bribed by Rafe, Vargas allows Nate access to the fort and subsequently Henry Avery's first mate Burnes' cell, where they hope to find a clue leading to the pirate captain's treasure.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (2016)

During Chapter 2 (2001), a fight broke out between Nathan and Gustavo, another inmate. Vargas and his officers broke up the fight and soon sequestered Drake in solitary.

After some time, Vargas woke Drake up and escorted him through the prison's yards and sewer, leading him outside. It was revealed here that Vargas had made a deal with Drake's associate Rafe to allow them inside the prison and explore Avery's first mate's cell for clues.

However, Vargas finds out their true goal is finding the $400 million in treasure that Avery plundered from the Gunsway. He demands to be let in on the deal. After returning from the tower, he is fooled by Drake as the latter claims he found nothing and suspects that there might have been another tower that had collapsed centuries ago, and sends Vargas to look for the complex's blueprints. Nate goes to tell his findings to Sam and Rafe, but is assaulted in the laundry room by Gustavo and his friends.

Vargas and several guards intercept the fight, and Vargas, having found the St. Dismas cross Nate was hiding, moves the trio to his office. He blackmails the three into giving him a share of the profits and suggests they get 25% each, but is stabbed twice by Rafe after he got Vargas to lower his guard during the negotiation. Before dying, Vargas managed to fire his gun, alerting everybody nearby, thus forcing the trio to make a quick escape. While Nate and Rafe make it, Sam is shot and imprisoned for thirteen years due to Rafe's actions.