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Zeke MP skin

Zeke Dunbar is a selectable skin in the multiplayer mode of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.



Zeke Dunber is a major character in the InFamous video game series published by Sony Computer Entertainment; he appears as a major character, friend and ally to protagonist Cole MacGrath in 2009's InFamous and 2011's InFamous 2, while also making a brief voice cameo in 2014's InFamous: Second Son. The series was created by Sucker Punch Productions, a fellow first-party developer of Naughty Dog, who was said to have helped in the development of InFamous.

Zeke's appearance in Uncharted 2 is based on his appearance throughout InFamous, which was released on the same year as Uncharted 2. He is a silent skin and makes no noises or grunts during gameplay.


Zeke's skin can be obtained as a playable Hero skin upon the purchasing of the PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack, alongside Cole's Good version as a fellow Hero skin, and Cole's Bad version as a Villain skin.


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