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"How many soldiers did he hire?"
Nathan Drake

Zoran Lazarević's soldiers
Drake and soldier in Nepal
Soldier being punched by Nate.
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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception(Co-op Multiplayer)

Zoran Lazarevic commanded a large private army of soldiers during his search for Shambhala. They were the main, most basic enemies of Nathan Drake for the duration of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Of all the enemy in the series, they are the most well-equipped and dangerous enemy Drake had faced so far in the series due to their large stock pile of firepower and armored vehicle.


Weapons-92FS-9mm 92FS-9mm: An elite standard pistol found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-Micro-9mm Micro-9mm: A submachine pistol found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-.45 Defender .45 Defender: A standard pistol found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-Desert-5 Desert-5: An elite and very powerful pistol found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-Moss-12 Moss-12: A standard shotgun in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-SAS-12 SAS-12: An elite shotgun found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-AK-47 AK-47: The standard assault rifle in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-M4 M4: An elite assault rifle in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-FAL FAL: A scoped battle rifle that appears in Among Thieves.
Weapons-Dragon Sniper Dragon Sniper: A standard sniper rifle that appears in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-M32-Hammer M32-Hammer: A standard grenade launcher found in the Uncharted series.
Weapons-RPG-7 RPG-7: A powerful anti-tank grenade launcher found in the Uncharted series.

General Information and TipsEdit

The majority of soldiers and guards are generic, nameless soldiers armed with assault rifles or handguns, some wearing helmets while others use Riot Shields for protection, and are the only ones who power the stationary machine gun turrets. Below are named soldiers, many of which carry specific weapons. The soldiers of Uncharted 2 always fight with the same tactics. While shotgunners and riot shield wielders aggressively advance towards the player, the other soldiers will just fire at you from cover while Lovac and Tetram attack you from a distance. This makes it dangerous for the player to attempt to melee any black uniformed troops. That will give Lovac a chance to snipe you when they are countered. Also, make sure when entering an area the player has the element of surprise, by looking for Tetram or Lovac to try to kill them first. You should also observe the squad first and see what type of soldiers are in the group. Always work your way from the top, killing all the Dragans and Zorskels, then the riot shield soldiers, then the rest should be easier to take out.

  • Dragans are the heavily armored "Helmet soldiers". They are usually armed with a Moss-12, or a FAL in later chapters. Their models is used for armoured soldiers in single player. They may also be the models for the Heavy Weapons Troops.
  • Tetrams are the "Gas Mask soldiers". They carry either the M32-Hammer or an M4 or AK in multiplayer. His model is used for the grenadier soldiers in single player or strangler soldiers in Co-op.
  • Sarks are the "Face Mask soldiers". They always carry the RPG-7. Their models are used for RPG soldiers in single player.
  • Lovacs are the "Headphone soldiers". They carry either the Desert-5 or the Dragon Sniper. Their models are used for sniper soldiers in single player.
  • Vodniks are the 'Ski Mask soldiers". They carry either a Moss-12, SAS-12 or the Pistole. Their models are used for shotgun soldiers in single player.
  • Zorskels are the "Skull Mask soldiers". Like Dragans, they are well armored and carry the SAS-12. Their models are used for armoured soldiers late in single player.
  • Heavy Weapons Troops are powerful soldiers that carry GAU-19s. They are tall with tough armour, even wearing armour inside their ski mask, unlike Dragans.

Lieutenant Draza is a very tough soldier who is Lazarevic's right-hand man. He is a boss that the player must encounter in Chapter 14 - Tunnel Vision.


  • Tetram, Sark, Lovac, Vodnik, Zorskel, and Lieutenant Draza are all Multiplayer skins. Each one has their own unique sayings and quotes, particularly noticeable is the superb voice acting used to be able to tell each one apart just by hearing their voices in multiplayer. However, all these soldiers, excluding Draza and Zorskel, jump and groan using Dragan's voice.
    • All of Lazarevic's soldiers also returned for Uncharted 3 Multiplayer as selectable skins, once purchased from the Classic Skins DLC pack (Zorskel is excluded, however he appears in Co-op Adventure as a sub-boss). However, many of the soldiers had their original outfits modified to look more like single player soldiers. For example, Lovac no longer wears his signature headphones, making him the M4 wielding soldier from Chapter 23 - Reunion, Vodnik is now a helmeted soldier, and Dragan now wears body armor. Sark and Tetram, however, only had colors in their outfits changed. Another interesting fact is that, while almost all of the voice files from Lazarevic's soldiers are present in single-player (as they were recycled from U2 for U3), none of Lazarevic's soldiers have their original voices; they have instead been replaced by the various custom hero/villain voices.
    • On another note, however, one could argue that Tetram kept his original voice actor, as his voice files from U3 sound very similar to his voice in U2.
    • The grunting sound clips originally from Dragan that were shared with many of the soldiers in U2 Multiplayer were given to Talbot in U3, despite the fact that Talbot is British and sounds nothing at all like Dragan.
  • Ironically enough, it seems no matter how many of these types of soldiers Nate kills, another soldier may, and most likely will, eventually pop up with the same attire. (Tetram, Sark, Lovac, Vodnik, and all generic soldiers wear the same vest and clothes.) How the soldiers manage to obtain the clothes and somewhat identical build is unknown. The same case also applies to Eddy's pirates who, no matter how many you kill, all have same attire for all their types.
  • Soldiers in gray seem to be rookies, as they can be easily defeated in a fistfight as well as not being able to dodge a grenade. Soldiers in black are more experienced as they have superior marksmen skills, can counter Nate's punches, they can dodge and some of them even have helmets for protection.
  • In the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Co-op Adventure map, Borneo, Lazarevic's soldiers make a triumphant return as the main enemies, with Lieutenant Draza acting as the final boss. They appear again in the Airport Co-op Adventure map.

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